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NHS Superheros

We have had hundreds of requests from nurses, doctors, support staff, family members and patients to make and donate these NHS superhero plaques, and we are happy to say that we are now carving and donating them to 70+ hospitals around the country. 
There are so many people out there putting their lives on the line, to help and take care of us, and we think it’s wonderful that, what we are creating is able to symbolise the great level of appreciation we have for the job that they are doing. 
Not only do colleagues want their teams to be recognised, but staff family members want their loved ones celebrated, and patients want the people who are caring for them, so incredibly well, to be appreciated for the sacrifices they are making and the efforts they are putting in on a daily basis.
It is an absolute pleasure to be the one to create something that, not only signifies how amazing they all are, but to be doing it in a way that will last forever.


We would also like to offer our support and encouragement to the carers around the country, so we are designing a Cares plaque to hopefully reach every area of the carer industry. 
We are asking the wood working community around the uk to assist us in this massive effort, so if you are a wood worker, and would like to get involved, please contact us. 
There are so many key workers out there, of which the care community comprises a substantial part, and we would really like to be able to show appreciation to as many of you as we can. 
We endeavour to make each carving unique, as, at the end of the day we are creating pieces of art. so by enlisting the help of others, it will encourage variety and creativity, and assist in keeping people busy during lock down! 

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